PrestaShop Connector in e-shop

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The robust solution for connecting the PrestaShop e-shop to the HELIOS information system was put into use.

In addition to the standard synchronization of stock items, stock availability and prices on one side and stretching of received orders on the other side, we have solved several interesting features.

We merge multiple stock cards into one product as variants. It's not a big deal. What's great is that you can add multiple variants of one product to the cart at once, including the selection of the unit of measure. We have two units of measure. And pricing is sensitive to them. When ordering more than two units of measure (usually "packs"), the lower price per unit will jump in.

From the orders received, we download items with a different name than the one in the e-shop to HELIOS. The longer name is used in the e-shop, and the shorter name is used on the invoice.

Everything is of course controlled in HELIOS. The e-shop is only used to display and receive orders. The data is thus in one place.

For the implementation we used our universal solution HELIOS-PrestaShop connector developed by HELIsmile.

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