Data analysis

 Data analysis

We collect, evaluate and present data. We create controlling reports from data from multiple information sources. We find the treasure in your data.

We transform data into analytical databases and presentable form, for example in a company intranet (otherwise known as business intelligence). We analyse data and process it statistically (otherwise known as artificial intelligence).

We develop applications that process data from information systems or from Excel and ensure their presentation - controlling, inventory development, production data... - you will then be able to "mine" them directly in the browser. Create different views, visualize and further process independently.

You can then reuse the developed application, stay up-to-date and save time.

We provide the right information to the right people.

To present the data, we deploy a corporate intranet on the advanced UMBRACO content management system. The corporate intranet on the Umbraco CMS platform will make selected data from the HELIOS information system and other corporate sources available to employees according to their permissions.

Umbraco is a .NET opensource CMS written in C#. We can use this system not only for classic deployment as a content management system. Thanks to the extensible design of this system, we can modify both the frontend and backend completely according to the customer's needs (implementation of newly created javascript components). For example, we have created complex questionnaires in the backend of this system, which we have effectively shown on the website. We display and edit data from HELIOS.

Do you need to process data from public data sources or websites? Do research on competitors, prices, potential customers? We will robotically collect your data, analyze it and prepare it for presentation. Do you already have the data ready? - We will evaluate them.

We love working with Excel, just like you.

Excel is a natural part of all businesses. We all know how to work with it. Even in your company, you surely have a lot of data in Excel. Let us help you use the power of Excel to its fullest. View your data your way. You can view anything in Excel, from anywhere. Even from multiple information systems at once.


Examples of implemented projects:

  • generating complex reports using NPOI on the server side. These Excel reports were filled with data from HELIOS. The output to Excel involved modifying existing Excel files, adding values and formulas to specific required areas of the Excel sheet, formatting styles
  • presentation of data from the information system to the company intranet with defined user rights for access and display
  • repeated processing of reports in Excel for displaying selected data from the information system
  • design of a database for questionnaire surveys, their evaluation and presentation
  • programmed controls for entering data into Excel workbooks to reduce errors
  • importing data from Excel into the information system, refining processed data from the information system back into Excel
    collection of data from more complex questionnaires, their evaluation
  • distribution of marketing survey results on the company intranet
Application development

 Application development

We make apps that work for you.

Our applications are already saving work and increasing productivity and the amount of outstanding work in many companies. We have programmed web and local applications for pharmaceutical, manufacturing, marketing and other companies. We are specialists in databases, datamining, data conversion and statistical data processing.

We mostly work using object oriented programming in Microsoft technologies C# and MS SQL (desktop and web) with the addition of Python scripting. We can evaluate data using R. We are proficient in web technologies (such as Javascript and its complementary frameworks, etc.). Our scope is quite broad and if it is an interesting project, we will cover other technologies as well. If necessary, we can also dust off PHP and MySQL.

For more complex data processing, we have created a connection between .NET technology and the statistical programming language R. Thus, we work with R very similarly to SQL, our link layer generates more sophisticated R scripts, whose output is then automatically processed. This can be used for more complex data transformations, and the R language contains many libraries not only for statistical processing but also for complex graphical output.

The result is robust, scalable software solutions.



Examples of implemented projects:

  • database application to enable rare diagnosis consultation between doctor and patient
  • iterative statistical processing of gradually changing data and its publication on the Internet


We connect applications, information systems and e-shops. Even without API.

We connect data between incompatible systems, integrate data sources. But even a simple connection of an information system with an e-shop with unusual functionality is fun.

We connect your applications with each other. Information system with e-shop. Data from Excel to information system and back. We will program the export output from one application so that it can be understood by the other application. We end the endless manual transcription of data and searching through multiple sources.

Our specialty is connecting data from different systems to each other even without API. We provide solutions with a smile for companies in transition from standard systems to the systems of the future.

We have prepared a robust solution for connecting PrestaShop e-shop to HELIOS Red, HELIOS iNuvio and HELIOS Easy information systems. We can handle more demanding requirements such as complex pricing by customer groups, product variants, different prices for different units of measure, etc.

And beware, an e-shop does not have to be used only for shopping. It can be customized as a catalogue. It can function as a showcase for your products and services.

We have experienced and migrated from a lot of old versions of PrestaShop to the current version while maintaining functionality and SEO.


Examples of implemented projects:

  • The HELIOS Red connection with the PrestaShop e-shop, pricing, units of measure, product variants, everything is controlled from one place: directly from HELIOS Red. The e-shop only displays.

  • The HELIOS iNuvio connection with Shoptet e-shop.

  • Conversion of the prehistoric version of PrestaShop to the latest version with SEO preservation and linking with HELIOS Red.

  • Import of issued invoices from Excel into the information system.

HELIOS Information Systems

 HELIOS Information Systems

We help manage companies - we implement the HELIOS Inuvio and HELIOS Easy information systems.

Keep your business under control with HELIOS iNuvio (formerly HELIOS Orange) or HELIOS Easy.

We work with the best available. With HELIOS information systems from Asseco Solutions. HELIOS iNuvio (formerly HELIOS Orange) is one of the most widely used information systems for medium-sized businesses. HELIOS iNuvio is used by more than 4,500 companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In total, HELIOS systems are used by over 15,000 customers.

We respect the project approach. Together we define the desired benefits of introducing an information system into the company. We will guide you through the entire process of deploying the information system in the company. We will prepare a feasibility study. We supply the license, perform the implementation and train the users. We will take care of you. Just like our existing satisfied clients.

We focus on business and service companies. We have also done first implementations of production modules.

We will adapt HELIOS iNuvio and HELIOS Easy to your challenging ideas, modify forms, program complex reports, and connect HELIOS to the external environment.

For many years we have been supplying the smaller HELIOS Red system for small companies. This has left us with a "minimalist" approach where we try to solve requirements in the simplest way possible. So that even the cost of implementation is not unnecessarily high. This distinguishes us from long-standing partners implementing HELIOS especially in large companies, where saving every EUR is not so important.