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Evaluation of "panels" in cancer diagnostics for Palacký University in Olomouc

Desktop program for spectrophotometric test evaluation. The program records the measured data, performs statistical processing and displays the resulting graphs. At the end it generates a report in the prescribed format. In this way, it handles multiple types of tests, where each test has its own processing and reports.

The program helps with cancer research at Palacký University in Olomouc.

Digitalization of PILA POTŠTÁT s.r.o. using the HELIOS Easy information system + GATEMA WMS/MES

A case study of the introduction of HELIOS Easy into PILA POTŠTÁT s.r.o., where it supports order registration and production organization.

Where PowerBI ends, HELIsmile begins

Yes, it's a bit of an exaggeration, but we prefer to deal with clients' "specialities" which are not easy.

Automatic addition of values from user-defined reports from HELIOS iNuvio to an Excel table

Parser for reports from HELIOS iNuvio and HELIOS Easy - corporate controlling reports in Excel.

PrestaShop Connector in e-shop

The robust solution for connecting the PrestaShop e-shop to the HELIOS information system was put into use.

HELIOS Easy and its integration with the Shoptet e-shop

ACcessories mobile s.r.o. specializes in the sale of tablet cases and smartwatch accessories. HELIOS Easy and its connection with Shoptet e-shop (without using API) helps to manage daily orders.

HELIOS Easy for Cinemart

Complete delivery and implementation of HELIOS Easy for the largest Czech film distributor Cinemart a.s. and their related companies. Connection of HELIOS to the systems of other distribution companies.

Evaluation of orders in Morkus Morava s.r.o.

Morkus Morava s.r.o. is a matter of our heart. We have taken over HELIOS Orange implemented by another partner. We ensured its upgrade to HELIOS iNuvio. We modified the existing implementation, especially in the Accounting, Invoicing and Purchasing and Sales modules, and deployed a sophisticated system for tracking and evaluating orders.

Interconnection of internal company system with HELIOS Red in ČMŽO-elektronika s.r.o.

Cooperation in linking the HELIOS Red information system with the internal production system of ČMŽO - elektronika s.r.o. Imports of stock items from Excel into HELIOS Red sales orders and backloading of data on stock items back into Excel.

Easy-R: statistics made easy

Lessons from product development, or the end can be the beginning.

Project management: 7 happy paths

To ensure that the project turns out the way it should, we use the PRINCE2® methodology.

Extracting data from the information system and presenting it in Excel spreadsheets and on the intranet

Extensive solution for presentation of data from the information system to the company intranet with defined user rights for access and display in ZLKL, s.r.o. Application for processing of controlling reports with a rich possibility of selecting parameters affecting the calculation and display of output reports.

Helik: retrieving data from PDF documents

Unlike artificial intelligence, we have 100% accuracy when retrieving data from PDF documents.

Analysis of the IT market in the Czech Republic - an example of automated data mining and data processing

The basic task of these assignments is to collect unstructured data, process it, evaluate it and present the result in a simple form, ideally using graphs.

Program for calculation of machine utilization and remuneration of workers according to the quality of work done

Web application for recording the production work of individual workers on the respective machines. Calculation of data from the records of workers' performance for the calculation of wages and bonuses, monitoring of machine utilization. Reports in XLS format.