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E-shop PrestaShop


PrestaShop is the world's most widely used Open Source licensed ecommerce platform. More than 700 000 e-shops worldwide relies on PrestaShop platform.

It is a comprehensive, modifiable eShop that is provided for free. It is continuously developed and maintained.

PrestaShop is updated regularly, new versions are released every 2-3 months. More or less it has no performance limitations, the number of items depends on the performance of the server on which the platform runs. There are described cases where several hundred thousand items have been offered in PrestaShop.

There are a large number of plugins, graphic templates and modules for PrestaShop. Therefore, we can use existing solutions in our work, or we can program the necessary functions according to your needs.

We can connect PrestaShop with the HELIOS information system. We have developed our own HELIOS x PrestaShop connector.