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The R Project for Statistical Computing


The term R can refer to both a programming language and an environment for statistical data processing.

When we talk about R, we are basically referring to a comprehensive environment for data processing and statistical analysis controlled by the commands of the programming (and domain-specific) language R. The standard, freely available distribution of R contains a huge number of libraries with functions for mainly statistical data processing, calculations and subsequent graphical presentation.  Especially the graphical outputs are of a very high standard. They are based on a system of high-level and low-level functions and thus make it easy to customize and visualize complex outputs. Thanks to the R programming language, which has classical mechanisms such as conditions, loops, recursive functions and supports many data input and output options. We can harness the power of R and adapt it for commercial use.

For more complex data processing, we have created a connection between .NET technology and the statistical programming language R. Thus, we work with R very similarly to SQL, our link layer generates more sophisticated R scripts, whose output is then automatically processed. This can be used for more complex data transformations, and the R language contains many libraries not only for statistical processing but also for complex graphical output.