HELIOS - PrestaShop Connector: connect your HELIOS with e-shopem

Fully connect HELIOS to your e-shop! We support PrestaShop. HELIOS - PrestaShop connector.

We will develop your e-shop and connect it with your HELIOS information system.

We have experience with open-source e-shop PrestaShop. We connect it with HELIOS Red, HELIOS iNuvio and HELIOS Easy through a synchronization program we created.

Support for communication with the e-shop is available in HELIOS Red. Full integration with the e-shop is not so easy to do. However, you can just use our connector. Use HELIOS Red as your primary data source, keep stock cards, partners, pricing, and synchronize everything with the e-shop. Receive orders from the e-shop into HELIOS. Sell. Connector for HELIOS Red is a "box" solution. Just "plug and play".

The connector for HELIOS iNuvio and HELIOS Easy must be slightly modified for each project. Everyone has their HELIOS set up differently. However, the basis is ready and the work goes quickly.



Main benefits:

  • all data is in one place, in the HELIOS Red, HELIOS iNuvio or HELIOS Easy information system. E-shop PrestaShop is "only" used for displaying and ordering goods
  • support for composed products, where one product consists of multiple stock cards
  • support multiple images for one stock card
  • support for different prices when selling pieces and packages
  • availability of goods counts not only the physical state of goods on the stock card, but also works with reserved and already ordered goods from suppliers, availability can be displayed in intervals (less than 5 pieces, more than 50 pieces)
  • fast multi-threaded transfer between HELIOS and PrestaShop, only differences are transferred, updating is faster
  • checks for incomplete data on stock cards before export to PrestaShop prevents problems with incorrectly uploaded stock cards


Contact us. Together we will discuss your requirements for communication with the e-shop.

PrestaShop connector retrieves stock cards and customers directly from HELIOS and exports them to the e-shop. It then pulls customer orders from the e-shop into sales orders. It supports pricing levels according to logged-in customers, can merge multiple stock cards into one product (e.g. clothing sizes, different colors or types), calculates reserved and ordered goods when working with stock, loads product images, can display different price for selling pieces and selling packs (MJ2) and much more.

Everything, including prices, images and parameters are set in one place - in the HELIOS information system.


I want to connect HELIOS with PrestaShop. How much will it cost?

The PrestaShop e-shop can also be used as a catalogue for displaying stock cards/products. A simple connection of HELIOS Red with PrestaShop using a ready-made PrestaShop connector starts at 35 000 CZK. For this price, we will provide the display of stock cards on the e-shop with basic graphics, the ability to order them and import customer orders back into HELIOS Red.

With increasing demands for individual pricing solutions, customer groups, the creation of composite products, graphic design requirements and so on, the difficulty and also the price of implementation is increasing.

For HELIOS iNuvio and HELIOS Easy, it is always necessary to take into account connector adjustments according to the current settings of your HELIOS.